Monday, 27 February 2017

Battle Of The Naked Palettes

When the Naked palettes first caught my attention it was all about the Naked 3 and this was the first palette I bought. I was so in love with it that when the Smoky palette came out I was so excited to get my hands on it! This Valentine's Day my boyfriend completed my collection with Naked 1 and 2!

I fell in love with Naked 1 when I got my sister one for her birthday, it combines the gorgeous soft pinks from Naked 3 with more warm brown tones then the Smoky palette, and that's what makes this palette amazing!

I am really excited by the black colour in Naked 2 and I like that this will also tie in with the shades from the Smoky palette.  I am obsessed with the rose gold shades and think that this palette is just so beautiful!

As you can see the next two palettes are very well worn!! The Naked 3 has such a stunning range of pinks which I love to blend out with the more pale colours. As this was my first palette it's my first love!

The Smoky palette has some gorgeous golds and I love the brown shade. I rarely use the blue and silver shades though as I feel like I end up looking like I have two black eyes!! However in terms of the packaging this palette is my favourite, it shuts magnetically unlike the second and third palette. 

All of these palettes are just lovely and have gorgeous shades throughout and really it is down to personal preference! All of these Naked Palettes are £39.50 on Feel Unique, although that may seem expensive I got my Naked 3 a few years ago and even with lots of use it's still so full! 

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to know which one is your favourite so leave me a comment! x