Saturday, 16 September 2017

Tips for Starting University | Moving into Halls

This time last year I was moving into halls and starting university so I wanted to write this post for anyone who's about to do the same!

First things first it's alright to be nervous, for me this was the biggest change in my life! You're moving away from home and living with strangers but trust me they won't be strangers for long, when they say you meet friends for life at university they aren't wrong.

You will probably get a lot of people telling you how quickly the next year is going to go and they are so right so enjoy every second of first year. 

This is your chance to be whoever you want to be and having space away from friends and family will change all the relationships in your life. Don't neglect friends from home but remember everyone is busy and meeting lots of people and making an effort really counts during this first week.

If you love going out freshers week will be right up your street and even if you don't push yourself a little bit and just go out and have fun. Nights out in the first week are when initial friendships are tested and formed! 

Living in halls requires patience and it's ok to not always get on with your house mates you become a little family and what families don't fall out now and then!

Don't be nervous for lectures, everyone's in the same boat just do your best! You only need to pass this year and then the real work starts. 

Friday, 1 September 2017

Top Tips For Online Dating | Tinder

To me the concept of online dating was middle aged singles with outdated photos,  even when joining Tinder myself I didn't view it as online dating probably because of its reputation. You know what I mean young people just looking for a shag or for their moment to send a picture of their penis to anyone they can find.

Top Tip number one, whatever reason it is that you find yourself on Tinder just have fun with it. There is no point taking it too seriously! When I joined Tinder I was in the mind set of how nice it would be to meet someone but I didn't have high expectations.

If you are looking to meet someone off Tinder because you want a relationship I would definitely say don't get easily attached just relax and have a laugh with people. By doing this you quickly realise what you don't want making that right person much easier to find!

Use Tinder as a confidence boost and a chance to practise, talk to lots of different people and maybe give people a chance who you might not instantly think is the right one for you. This way it is a win win if nothing comes of it you have probably learnt the things you will and won't say again and you are one step closer to finding the right person for you.

This next one has to be my top tip out of them all,  be honest.  If you are serious about meeting someone you don't want to be in the situation where you are nervous that you don't look like what they think you look like. Of course have a lovely photo but have a range of photos of you! Also before meeting anyone or to take the chat further move onto snapchat which is also the perfect way to get a realistic view of what you both look like. Not that looks are everything but no one wants to feel mislead!

For safety I would always make sure you snapchat or even FaceTime or video call whoever you plan on meeting. I'm not saying that just seeing someone makes them automatically safe to meet up with but it's a good place to start. Of course remember the basics, meet up in public places and let people know where you are going you know this stuff always go by gut feeling.

Only ever do things because you really want to, only say the things you want to say! A great thing about online chatting is that if at any point you want to stop talking to someone or someone makes you feel uncomfortable you can stop talking to them whenever you please.

A Tinder profile tells a lot about a person! If you are unfamiliar with how Tinder works you create a profile and can add as much information about you as you choose. You have a chance to write a bio, this is your chance to show a little bit of your personality which lets be honest Tinder is lacking! I wouldn't recommend group photos. One it's really annoying when you have to try and figure out who's account it is and this is just about you so make it all about you!

You also have the chance to set age and location settings. Be realistic with location but for the best chance of meeting new people go a little further then just your town, and remember location moves as the person holding the phone moves so they may appear near but check where they live.

I got Tinder back when I was in Sixth Form and the number one reason my friends took their time getting the app was that moment when you are swiping and come across someone you know! Just remember one have no shame and two they are also on it if they find you!  I feel like this opinion has definitely started to change and now just about everyone I know has used it at some point and I must add I know lots of successful Tinder relationships including my own.

The only online app I have experience of is Tinder but a close friend of mine has used Plenty of Fish and had a relationship from it and has used it as a way to meet quite a few people if you know what I mean ;) ! Her advice is "you need something in your profile that people will ask you about, be different, put an honest photo" I love her point of putting something to spark a conversation this will encourage people to message you and give them a good place to start.

 One final piece of advice especially if you are a woman don't sit around waiting for everyone else to message you, if you want something bloody go for it, what's the worse that can happen? A friend of mine messaged her boyfriend first on Tinder and a year and a half down the line they have just moved in together!

Have fun!